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Jennifer Behr Spring 2014

So far Fashion Week has been underwhelming. It’s so depressing. Until I saw Jennifer Behr’s collection of headpieces. I’ve never heard of this designer and now I’m in ~love~! I have super curly hair so wearing any of these would end in an emergency pixie cut, but I still love them.

I love these so much. $500 seems like a good deal for an instant princess kit. My husband doesn’t agree…yet. Check out the rest of her collection including a whole bridal line here.

Photo Credits: HonestlyWTF

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Perfume Review: Cartier Declaration

I got a sample of Cartier Declaration from  Sephora and I’m surprised by it.



The bottle looks a bit strange. I’m not sure I would even want to display it. To me this smells like a men’s fragrance. I associate spicy fragrances with cologne, but this is marketed as a perfume. Cartier created this scent with aprox. 1 millions notes in it. I can’t smell most of them in this though. The cardamom and bitter orange are very strong, but the cedar evens the bitterness out. When it’s wet the caraway is strong, but upon drydown the bitter orange because the dominant note. I love this fragrance for men, but it’s not for me.

tl;dr: 5/5 spicy and smooth citrus


Perfume Review: Rosabotanica

I got the March VIB gift from Sephora early and I’m so glad. It’s a Balenciaga gift box with a square scarf and a small sample of the new Rosabotanica by Cristobal Balenciaga. I am in love with this new scent. I might need a full-size.


I’m in love with this scent. I MAYBE bought the full-size in between writing this post and editing. In bottle it smells exactly like Florabotanica which I hated, but on skin it’s completely different. It’s a nice even mix of fig and rose. It’s not my favorite tea rose. It’s more like a Damask Rose absolute. This scent is a combo of Imogen Rose by Lush and Philosykos by Diptyque. This all sits on top of a beautiful woodsy middle featuring vetiver. I always thought I didn’t like vetiver, but it works beautifully in this scent. It’s a strong scent with moderate to soft sillage so it’s perfect for work and other places where humans gather.

tl;dr: 5/5 woodsy and deep rose/fig scent.

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Did y’all know about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes? This is mostly Claire’s fault. It’s actually entirely Claire’s fault.

You all know I have a slight problem with perfumes. A friend recently introduced me to BPAL. I’ve been debating for over a week now on which scents to try out so I’m bringing it to the streets (of the internet). The streets I was raised on.

Here’s the list of samples I got.

  • Bordello –  Bawdy plum with amaretto, burgundy wine and black currant.
  • Deep In Earth – Rose geranium, Spanish moss, Irish yew, and graveyard dirt.
  • The Ghost –  White iris, osmanthus, Calla lily, tomb-crawling ivy and a coffin spray of gladiolus, lisianthus and delphinium.
  • Lucy’s Kiss – The gentle scent of rose and a blend of Victorian spices.
  • Dana O’Shee – Offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains.
  • Sea of Glass – A scent of inimitable purity, crystalline grace, and limitless light.

I got one full sized bottle of Dawn: Maiden. This scent is based of a comic book series I have no idea anything about at all. But it sounded great!

  • Dawn:Maiden – Tea roses, honeysuckle, heliotrope, olive blossom, milk, and honey.

I’m thinking about getting this full size next. It’s called Fairy Bites and it’s part of the Labyrinth collection.

  • Fairy Bites – Osmanthus and raw honey with lavender, chamomile, white peppermint, raspberry, honeysuckle, thyme, bergamot, and Dracula orchid.

Have you ever tried BPAL? You have to check out her site here.

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DIY? I Think I Will

I’ve been going through my Pinterest with a vengeance doing some of the craft projects I SWORE I would do.  I will obviously do like 10% of those. Max. My first two turned out pretty good.

Paint Your KeysI think we’ve all seen this pin.  So I decided to give it a try.

Resized Pink Key

It worked out pretty well, I think! I added glitter to mine because I compulsively add glitter to everything. I used several thick coats of nail polish and waited for each side to dry before I flipped the key over. I did it again with glitter and then added two top coats. I did this about a week ago and so far no chips!

I only have two keys so I’m not sure how much this really helps me keep them organized in real life. It did add pink glitter to my life. So I’ll call that a win.

I saw this


UPDATE: Four weeks later and it still looks great.


Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris

Let's Explore Diabetes with OwlsLet’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oh man, I am SO upset about this book! After David Sedaris‘s last book I was really looking forward to this one. By that I mean, his last book sucked and left a comedy void in my soul. I had to read a lot of Dave Barry to fill that in. There were a few stories in this book that were hilarious. Like- you can’t read them in public because people will stare at you – hilarious. However the majority of these stories were frankly boring. It reminded me a bit of the show The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Parts of it are the funniest thing on TV and the other half is boring. Really, really boring. You absolutely MUST read “Dentists Without Borders” and “Understanding Understanding Owls.”

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