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This Is One Ugly Cake


In an effort to be more domestic (ha!), I’ve been trying to learn how to bake and cook. I learned a lot of important things from this experience like not slam a soufflé-like object on the counter and my stand mixer is leaking grease. So that’s good.

Here’s what I attempted to make.

Green Tea Chocolate Cake

Here’s what I actually made.

Green Tea Chocolate Cake Mine

We made really pretty meringue.

photo (2)

At least I got to use my new pink bowls!

Picture and recipe from Rasberri Cupcakes.


Author: MarcNatAndCat

Collector of oddities and thoughts. And cats.

3 thoughts on “This Is One Ugly Cake

  1. It was a delicious cake!
    The color is actually much prettier than the other cake

  2. Even when things look funny, they usually taste just as good as if it looked magnificent! Happens to me a lot hahah

  3. I think your cake looks just like the photo! Both have a messy like frosting, so it works!! As long as it tasted good.

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