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South Whimsy


We’re going to Dallas! Marc got in to UT Southwestern and he’s starting his surgical residency soon. We’re excited to be closer to family, but there is so much to do! Right now we’re house hunting, but since it’s really hard to plan for that I’ve been dream house decorating! Follow my Pinterest board here too see all my house ideas. All 483 of them.

We have a house in mind, but I’m still totally unresolved about the floors. The floors in the house are mostly brick. They look just like this.

whitehouse interiors brick floor

I really, really hate the brick look. It’s too much to use rugs to break it up. All the rooms with this kind of brick I’ve seen online so far are mostly neutral. The brick floor is the focus point. I want the brick floor to be ignored. I’m looking to make an eclectic living room. A little like Gilded Age meets neon.

I don’t know if it’s possible to bleach them to make them lighter? I’m thinking about covering them all with wood at this point. Any suggestions?

(image from Whitehaven Interiors)


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2 thoughts on “South Whimsy

  1. Maybe painting the floors? I know painted concrete floors, if done well, can look really nice.

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