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Jennifer Behr Spring 2014

So far Fashion Week has been underwhelming. It’s so depressing. Until I saw Jennifer Behr’s collection of headpieces. I’ve never heard of this designer and now I’m in ~love~! I have super curly hair so wearing any of these would end in an emergency pixie cut, but I still love them.

I love these so much. $500 seems like a good deal for an instant princess kit. My husband doesn’t agree…yet. Check out the rest of her collection including a whole bridal line here.

Photo Credits: HonestlyWTF



Perfume Review: Rosabotanica

I got the March VIB gift from Sephora early and I’m so glad. It’s a Balenciaga gift box with a square scarf and a small sample of the new Rosabotanica by Cristobal Balenciaga. I am in love with this new scent. I might need a full-size.


I’m in love with this scent. I MAYBE bought the full-size in between writing this post and editing. In bottle it smells exactly like Florabotanica which I hated, but on skin it’s completely different. It’s a nice even mix of fig and rose. It’s not my favorite tea rose. It’s more like a Damask Rose absolute. This scent is a combo of Imogen Rose by Lush and Philosykos by Diptyque. This all sits on top of a beautiful woodsy middle featuring vetiver. I always thought I didn’t like vetiver, but it works beautifully in this scent. It’s a strong scent with moderate to soft sillage so it’s perfect for work and other places where humans gather.

tl;dr: 5/5 woodsy and deep rose/fig scent.

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It’s My Look

Looking back at my time in San Antonio, I can’t help but feel like I never really fit in anywhere. I made plenty of friends and some friends I will stay close with all my life. I never really found a group I did well with. I went out with plenty of groups and had a great time, but I never had a go-to group of friends for weekends. That’s mostly my fault though. There was no shortage of friendly people here. I spent time with several groups of people I would have been happy to be a part of. I just never…did.

One of my biggest regrets here in San Antonio is not really letting my personality shine to everyone. I know WHY I did that, but I don’t want to do it anymore. Dallas is a great opportunity for me to not only return home but return home as a grown-up me. That could mean displaying life lessons and a new-found maturity or… a makeover! I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any excuse for a makeover.

Here is my thought. I think I’ll stick with my usual somewhat neutral makeup. I usually wear shimmery neutrals with black eyeliner and mascara and a pink or a sheer natural red on my lips. My fashion wardrobe is a major work in progress. I’m thinking I need to return to my roots. My hair (Get it! It’s a PUN!). I love my hair. Not to brag, but I have the best hair in San Antonio and I love to show it off. I have approximately a million hair accessories and I’m ready to bring them back.

Without further ado (and tangents) here’s my grown-up hair accessories wish list with insightful comments on each image! Click on an image to get the gallery started.

** I feel like I should add that I have very curly, long hair.**

I dare you to look at the last image without doing this.


Thanks to Darling Stewie for the post inspiration. Image Sources (12345678910 and 11)

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Alberta Ferretti 2013 Fall NYFW

I’ve never heart of Alberta Ferretti before, but I’m now a devotee. I’m loving her feminine flair for this Fall.

The standout piece to me is the gorgeous dark blue velvet dress. I cannot get over the detailing in the skirt. The pattern is so Art Deco.

Which look are you loving?

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EDITED: Valentino Spring 2013

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is the best holiday because you can be relentlessly girly and happy and no one can say anything. Hearts and glitter and lace and pink EVERYWHERE. I was reading Honestly…WTF and realized obviously Valentino and I are soul mates. I’m basing this entirely off of the Spring 2013 collection.

Imagine showing up to your Valentine’s Day dinner wearing this.

Valentino Spring 2013 Dress

He’s done for. Taylor Swift should buy this immediately.

Do you plan out your Valentine’s Day outfit?

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EDIT: Adele looked gorgeous in her shortened Valentino gown at the Grammys.